Tired of Looking For Your Other Shoe? Here are 5 Ways to Organize Your Space

by Jennifer Wagner Schmidt

Anyone who has ever rushed out of the door in a frenzy after spending too long looking for a much-needed accessory knows the value of an organized closet space. But there’s more to cleaning up your act than simply folding all of your sweaters and placing them in the same space. 

A few years ago, I collaborated with California Closets to upgrade my ho-hum, builder-grade master bedroom closet. Note: My closet is by no means a large one and it definitely needed a makeover to become a cleaner and prettier space that I could love instead of loathe

If you’re looking to give your space an upgrade in the new year, you’re in luck: here are my tips for an organized and attractive closet space.

1 | First purge. Then decorate.

This won’t be easy, but you need to make space for the items that really deserve to be there. Sort through your clothes and donate any you haven’t worn in the last six months. If that’s too difficult, at least take them out and bag them up.

2 | Sort through your clothes.

Now it is time to assess. Place all of your items into different piles: pants, skirts, shirts, blouses, dresses, etc. Once you have it all out and are able to see what you actually have, you can make some decisions as to what goes back in and where (and assess what you need). Take an added step and hang and fold by color. This enables you to easily find your clothes in the morning. Don’t forget to corral accessories like belts that can be hung in one place!

3 | Organize your space.

If you want an overhaul, you can work with a closet company and have them customize your shelving. If you’re on a budget and are handy (or have a friend who is), you can take your own measurements, buy your shelves from Home Depot and install them yourself.

4 | Make it pretty.

Walls: After taking down your shelving (whether you are simply putting it back up or overhauling altogether), paint the walls and ceilings white for a bright, clean look. Want something more bold? Try wallpapering your closet in a fun pattern or color!

Lighting: If you have an old light (trust me–I had the $25 version that looked like it belonged in an attic, not my closet), change it out! This is a quick fix that can make a huge difference. Wayfair is a great resource for inexpensive lighting. I purchased a beautiful blush-crystal color flush mount and it made all the difference. Just make sure the wattage is enough to give you the light you need.

Hangers: You know those mismatched dry cleaner wire hangers? Get rid of all of them and buy all white coordinating hangers. You can easily order beautiful and affordable white wood hangers on Amazon or Overstock.com. This made a huge impact on how my closet looked. Now it looks put together and far less messy.

Rug: I have a standard builder grade carpet that I didn’t have the budget to replace. Instead, I bought a white faux fur sheepskin rug so that it looks pretty without blowing my wallet.

Hardware: Last but not least, if you have a door to your closet, consider changing out the door knob to a gorgeous crystal knob. There are a ton of hardware resources on the web that sell vintage as well as modern hardware.

5 | Be consistent.

Set aside a little time each month to assess your space and toss anything that no longer suits you.

Jennifer Wagner Schmidt is the owner of Washington, D.C. area-based interior design firm JWS Interiors and the founder of Box of Chic, a new home décor subscription box as seen on The Today Show. In 2015, she was named by Harper’s Bazaar as its “Fabulous At Every Age” winner for an inspiring woman in her 30s. She has been featured Home &DesignDominoGoodHousekeeping.comThe Washington PostTheEverygirlThe Glitter GuideRue Magazine, and more. Being an entrepreneur and mom of two makes her a woman to admire. Follow her now at @jwsinteriors

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