Meet Chuck Lin

Chuck Lin for BDC Digital Media
Chuck Lin for BDC Digital Media

Our Technical Director

Chuck Lin has been an internet technologist, enthusiast, and programmer since the beginning of the internet.

He wrote his first web page in 1993 when the only web browser available was the NCSA Mosiac. Chuck has worked on just about every computing platform, most of the popular programming languages, and developed web software for some of the biggest institutions in the world. His projects vary from websites for celebrities, online learning systems to financial institutions.

He also has developed mobile apps including Estee Lauder La Mer, and CanIStreamIt. He has lectured about systems, security, internet technology, and search engine technology. Chuck has been published over 60 times in PC Magazine.

There are too many different technologies to list but here are some of Chuck’s current favorites:
Laravel, DART/Flutter, node.js, git, PHP, C++, Vue.j

Get To know Chuck!

The Book that changed your life: Rework by Jason Fried

Your last meal: Chicken Tikka Masala, palak panir over basmati rice.

Your idea of perfect happiness:An afternoon nap in a hammock under a porch with a light breeze and hearing sounds of the ocean. 

Your idea of total misery: Listening to a pseudoscientific lecture.

A great piece of advice:You cannot save your way to riches.

Your biggest pet peeve: People who don’t remove their backpacks when they enter a crowded subway car.

Five things you cannot live without: Computer, Internet, kickboxing, phone, Netflix

Finally, the best thing about life right now?Having someone who is happy to see you every day.

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