“I call Brenda my ‘digital media goddess’ because she is truly the smartest and hardest working person I have ever had on my team. Brenda is irreplaceable to me for so many reasons and I trust her 100%. She has done so much to build this brand online and off. Her strategy, personality, understanding of editorial, content and product marketing, and genuine interest in growth have given PBD and the team so much.” Preston Bailey, Owner of Preston Bailey Designs”

“Brenda is one of the most inspiring, dynamic, and personable speakers I have ever listened to. Everyone at the NOI club event was speaking about what an amazing woman she was when it was over.” Paola Garbini, Founder NOI club

“Can I just say that I love Brenda’s sassy style and enthusiasm! A beautiful woman inside and out! Her presentation was so much fun! I thought she did a fantastic job getting us to come out of our shells and spread our new wings. Through Brenda, I learned how to identify my brand! I can’t even express how much this has given me. My team loved our new brand statement. I would never have been able to define my brand without going through the exercises that we did in class. Thank you, Brenda!” Tammi L Barber, TLB Events, LLC

“When I wanted to start my brand, I had no idea what it meant to create an online presence. With Brenda’s incredible strategy, editorial and social media talents, I was able to find my “voice” and create a following that not only led to new clients but press mentions, integrated partnership opportunities, and an increased Google ranking. Brenda is informed, inspired, and inspiring and she gives her clients 100% while always paying close attention to the specifics of each brand. She’s not a “one-size-fits-all” strategist. She gets to know each client and curates content that is relevant and influential.” Johanna May, Owner of Johanna May Pilates”

“Brenda is such a fun person to watch and learn from. I learned so much as to how to present my brand. This is exactly what I needed. I learned that my brand is an all around experience and that from every touch point it must be consistent and speak to your desired audience!” Jewel Georgieff, Jewel Georgieff Designs

“Without question, Brenda’s creativity, strong work ethic, talent, and passion for social media, editorial, and branding make her a unique asset to the Preston Bailey Team. An enthusiastic and strategic participant in branding meetings, Brenda brings quality, relevant ideas to the table while providing content that not only engages, entertains, and informs readers and clients, but has significantly boosted branding and the ROI. As a colleague, Brenda is an enthusiastic team player who respects her colleagues and sees the firm as a team. She is able to stay in her own lane while not being pigeonholed by job specifications. If something is needed, she’s the first to step up, stay late, and support her team members. She’s a true asset to the team and the editorial community.” Kelly Irwin Rutty, Vice President of Preston Bailey Designs

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“Brenda is a triple-threat in that she is able to merge an understanding of technology (platform development, algorithms, and User Experience) with a strong editorial background and then engage an audience through a strategic digital marketing campaign that boosts online growth and the ROI. Brenda is a curator to the core. She is constantly brainstorming new ways to boost brands, and working with her often means that business owners will get more than they bargained for in the best possible ways. She will help a team understand their brand, find their voice, create and curate content that honors that voice, and then strategizes ways to get the message out there. She is a teacher by nature and is constantly encouraging business owners and staff members to build their digital skills. Working with her on Gotham Bandit was a pleasure and I highly recommend her.” Bobby Kennedy, Business Development Professional and Founder of Gotham Banditt

“Brenda is smart, personable, creative, and talented. She is an expert in developing successfully content brand strategies and social media campaigns. Her writing is interesting, informative, insightful, and very engaging. An asset to any organization.” Gwen Waldron, Strategic Branding and Marketing Expert


“Brenda is a consummate professional and I can’t recommend her enough. Her prose is flawless, witty, and thoughtful and her ideas are never cliché. She consistently delivers above-average content in a timely and professional manner and she’s fun to work with, to boot. I truly can’t say enough positive things about Brenda (because I’d run out of adjectives) so I’ll leave you with this: The success of the content on our site is hugely due to Brenda’s contributions and she’s someone you absolutely want on your team, period. Brenda is an all-star.” Andrea Zimmerman, Senior Editor at YourTango

“I feel like Brenda put me onto another level with social media.” Christine Pickerel, Westmount Florist

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“I am so grateful to have met Brenda, and as my first ever internship and life mentor, I wouldn’t have it any other way. She welcomed me into Preston Bailey with open arms, always making sure the work was doable and that I was gaining benefit from the internship every step of the way. Brenda helped me unveil editorial skills I never realized I had before, and to never be afraid when writing. Most of all, she treated me and my fellow interns with 110% respect, and I felt less of an employee and more of a friend. Brenda is smart, passionate about what she does, and anyone to know/work with her is truly lucky!” Jessica Angeles, Media Partnerships, Tumblr

“Brenda’s presentation was a different take on using an editorial approach to our digital content. I thought it was innovative and insightful. I can definitely see how it would be applicable in attracting the right client in the luxury market. I was excited to learn this new approach and see how I can apply it to my social media plan.” Denise Kelly, All Relevents

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 4.55.51 PM

“Brenda is terrifying. She’s terrifyingly good at what she does. She’s terrifying when she has a project in her sights. She’s terrifying in her ability to make the world see things her way. After over a decade of working with her, I’m still always grateful that she’s on my side. She’s professional, prompt, full of energy, talent, and ideas. Whoever you are, I sincerely hope you never have a chance to employ Brenda as it means that my plan to monopolize her time entirely has failed.” Andrew Shanahan, Founder of Man V Fat

“I worked for Brenda through her internship program at Preston Bailey Designs. The foundation of this program reflects a few of the many admirable traits Brenda displays. She founded the internship off of her genuine care and strong will to help, teach, and provide an opportunity to those just beginning in the field. I am so grateful to have had Brenda both as a boss and a mentor during the 2014 summer. As a boss, she was precise, detail-oriented, and professionally perceptive. She was quite exacting with her expectations of us, interns, yet at the same extremely understanding. She was promptly reliable for the responsibilities she held, as well as very clear with the daily and weekly tasks we were accountable for. Brenda was a mentor to not just her interns, but to the rest of the office as well. She was undoubtedly honorable and immensely caring to all of her colleagues at the office, and provided us with deep endearment, concern, and advice when needed. Her true devotion to those surrounding her along with her diligent work ethic will continue to keep the company’s atmosphere positive and warm on a daily basis. Brenda’s hard-working attitude both in and outside of the office is quite unequivocal and is something I will cherish forever. Thank you, Brenda, for an enjoyable internship experience and a wonderful summer.” Ashley Noyes, Contemporary Art Administrator at Sotheby’s


Brenda is such a strong asset to any team and truly one of the most hard-working and motivating souls I have met. This bright woman could rule the world if she put her mind to it and has been such an asset to the Preston Bailey team both professionally and personally. She knows her stuff and is always eager to share her knowledge and help others achieve their own greatness. She’s a rare talent!” Kathy Romero, Former CEO of Preston Bailey Designs and Owner of The KR Collective

“My life has changed exponentially for the better since meeting Brenda. From meeting her in my first internship to working for her at Badass + Living, I have been able to see how she ticks on a daily basis. Brenda is one of the most knowledgeable, patient, and inspiring women I have ever met. She has taken the time to teach me everything I know about WordPress and is always available for any questions I may have, whether they come up in the middle of the day or at midnight. As Badass + Living has developed, Brenda has taught me about different Social Media platforms as well as content development and branding. She has shown me what models work for what platforms and has taught me where to look for inspiration if I can’t think of something to write. The phrase “on-brand” has become common in my vocabulary and I have developed the eye to find what is appropriate for what I am representing. She has even taught me how to manage contributing writers and has allowed me to take charge of them. Brenda trusts with her whole heart and has given me the ability to contact someone with the authority and confidence of a senior editor. Thanks to her, I am able to show up to editorial meetings well prepared and able to proudly share whatever it is I have to say. Brenda is an amazing mentor because of her ability to spot talent and foster it. There is never any negativity or scolding, only encouragement and support. She pushed me to develop my writing and showed me that I have a voice I should be proud of, something I doubt I would have ever realized without her. She is so kindhearted and is probably one of the nicest people I have ever met. I am so grateful for Brenda’s constant support and for her willingness to teach me everything she knows.” Hattie Weber, Editor, Business Insider.

“Brenda is outgoing and energetic, with a high dose of personality that shows in her writing. I had the pleasure of working with Brenda and learning that she’s filled with good ideas and energized by good content. Brenda is bright, and she’s passionate about her writing. She tailored her pitches to find unique, creative ways to fit our site’s goal of providing smart budgeting advice to a savvy audience. She followed through on those promises and provided very web-friendly content that was easy to produce, engaged our audience, and kept our readers wanting more. I’d recommend her writing, particularly on relationships and social lives, for most lifestyle and other niche sites, and I hope to have a chance to work with her again soon.” Daniel Halperin, Content Strategist

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