Will The GLAMGLOW Gravity Mud Mask Give You Razor-Sharp Cheekbones?

Will your cheekbones rival JLo’s? Read on to find out.

The Promise: A gravity-defying facial that firms, tightens and contours and plumps in all the right places in 30 minutes tops.

The Ingredients: The main ingredients are TEAOXI™ Marshmallow and Liquorice Leaf.

The Process: Waking up (and gasping at) a puffy face has become a morning ritual thanks to my love of sleeping face down (I know, I know). This came in an easy-to-open jar that doesn’t forwarn you on how thin the mask actually is when you put it on. I rinsed and dried my face, layered on a decent amount until I looked like an Alian extra (the mask comes in high-shine silver and gold) and then left it on for 20 minutes until dried. The mask didn’t peel off as I didn’t layer it that thick but it wiped off easily.

The Pros: There is definitely a feeling that I was depuffed and though my cheekbones weren’t going to cut glass, there was undoubtedly a contour. My face didn’t feel dry or irritated (some contour masks have left me with one or both side effects) and I felt as though I could face the world with a bit more confidence after too many glasses of fizz the night before.

The Cons: This stuff is almost as thin as water (and it’s gooey AF), so prep yourself when opening and close the lid tightly. The white seal cover gets annoyingly messy when you open it. All easy to deal with if you know what to expect. I didn’t. There was cursing.

The Result: I am a fan of all of the GLAMGLOW masks and this one has become my favorite. It’s pricy, yes, but I feel like a little goes a long enough way that I can get my money’s worth. It’s also a great pamper product that makes me feel good- especially pre-event. I wouldn’t call it a facelift in a bottle, but I feel a bit tighter and brighter and that’s good enough for me.

Want to try it yourself? You can buy it here.

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