About Us

Whether you’re ready to make a career move, in need of some good life advice, or just looking for a solid beauty tip, LoolaBee has got you covered.

A high-vibe community with a passion for living authentically, we support boss-babe energy and highly value inclusivity, transparency, kindness and genuine support. We have no time for pitting women against one another (or themselves) and we don’t pretend we have all of the answers. We’re simply here to offer some content you might find useful, inspiring and fun. As with everything in life; take what works for you and ignore the rest.

That said, we are always interested in hearing from you! If there are certain topics you would like for us to address or you have some feedback you’d like to share, let us know! If you’re looking to collaborate, partner with us, write for us or submit a product or service for review, drop us a line at Brenda@BDCDigitalMedia.com and we will be in touch.


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