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Our Founder

The founder of LoolaBee, Brenda is an award-winning multi-platform content leader, author, writer, speaker and strategist. She has spent the past 15 years writing for a number of global publications and brands including Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Men’s Health, POPSUGAR. An author, co-author and ghostwriter, she has worked with some of the biggest publishing houses in the world and her books have been published in over 11 languages and 15 countries.

She was the Director of Content and Branding for Celebrity Designer, Preston Bailey for 5 years and has been recognised as a global leader in content and digital technology; she was awarded the Global Talent Visa by Tech Nation and appointed as an ambassador for their programme. Passionate about mentorship, she has personally mentored over 100 young men and women in media. A proud New Yorker, Brenda now lives in London with her husband, Kit, and their daughter, Sophia Rose.

The Personal Stuff:

The Book that changed your life: The Count of Monte Cristo

Your last meal of choice: Tacos Al Carbon, Rice and Beans, Tres Leches and loads of spicy-sweet Mezcal cocktails.

Your idea of perfect happiness: I will borrow from Hitchcock and say no stress and only creativity and love on the horizon.

Your idea of total misery: Spending your whole life too scared/insecure to live it as you see fit.

Five Fun Facts About You: I met Ali, have been in the Oval Office, was kissed on the cheek by Al Pacino, can rap along to most Eminem songs (much to my husband’s chagrin) and don’t like chocolate.

A great piece of advice: Focus on the problem and the problem gets bigger. Focus on the solution and the solution gets bigger. This was said by Elle Macpherson in an interview with Red Magazine and I had it on my wall. When I sat next to Elle at dinner in Barcelona, the first thing I did was thank her for sharing that advice!

Your biggest pet peeve: An ugly mix of laziness and entitlement.

Five things you cannot live without: Computer, Phone, Love, Friends, Creative work.

Finally, the best thing about life right now? My family and friends.

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