8 Ways To Tweet Yourself To A Better Brand

When looking to express yourself or have a real-time conversation, Twitter is the ideal global platform. With over 320 million users who spend a monthly average of 170 minutes in conversation, there’s no denying the power of the 280 character message.

This is where you can express yourself, offer immediate answers to followers, contact other brand owners and celebrities, and work on building a target audience with thoughtful content that expresses your values in your own unique voice.

Here are eight ways to tweet yourself to a stronger brand.

1 | Reach out and respond to your followers. 

Thank people for follows, ask them how they like your product, and respond to any questions or concerns in a timely manner. Twitter is a great way to build loyalty and diffuse a tricky situation quickly.

2 | Share and retweet content that is relevant and interesting.

Look for blogs and articles that your followers may find helpful and retweet content from other brands with a note as to why you appreciated it.

3 | Pay attention to what customers are saying.

Not just about your brand and services but your industry as a whole. What do they like and dislike? What are they looking for? What areas can you be of service?

4 | Curate your content.

Pay attention to what’s trending and offer content that is relevant and helpful to your audience. Look for the most used hashtags and keywords and the most favorited tweets and offer a solution or POV.

5 | Follow the right people.

You should be following other brands and personalities that are well-respected in your industry as well as top clients and colleagues. This will allow you to gain access to a wider range of industry-specific content your followers will find useful.

6 | Do not spam sell. 

Your tweets should only contain 20% of direct sales. The rest should be conversational and engaging.

7 | Schedule your tweets.

Hootsuite is just one option to do this. You want to offer a constant stream of interesting, informative tweets that are on-brand.

8 | Tweet at the right time.

According to researchers at Buffer (they analyzed 4.8 million tweets), the best time to use the platform is between 11:00AM and 1:00PM with peak time being the last hour. The slowest time is between 3:00AM and 4:00AM.

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