Is Your Typeface Turning Readers Off?


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On the #BDCDigitalMedia Blog: You work hard to create informative and engaging content and have done your due diligence with the design of your blog, but there is another key component to keeping potential clients on your page. Today, I am sharing a few basic typeface secrets that will help to ensure the best experience for your readers.

1 | Don’t lose your head(ers).

Instead of simply bolding text, use your headers to make your subtitles pop.

2 | Use the right font.

You want a font that is easy on the eye and easy to read. Bring in the Sans-Serif collection. You can see some of the most popular SS fonts here.

3 | It’s all black on white

Black text on a white background is the easiest to read and the most effective- especially in advertising.

4 | Size Matters

If you want your website to read clean and look crisp, do like the print magazines do (did…sob) and keep your height around 145% and the width between 155%-175%.

5 | Keep it clean

Know when to use italics or embolden a word (rarely), and when to use all caps (never, unless you are writing out an acronym). Avoid asterisks unless you are making a footnote and please don’t ever misuse an ellipsis.

Photo by the phenomenal @johanna.marlene. Check out her bright and beautiful Instagram page. 

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