3 Simple Questions That Will Dramatically Increase Your Sales.

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While it’s great to do something you love, the reality is that you won’t get to do it for too long if you don’t make a sale. An engaging social media presence, pretty website, and interesting (and consistent) blog are all elements of building a successful brand, but if you want to boost the ROI, you’re going to need to quickly convince potential customers that your product is worth their trust and money.

Today, I am sharing three questions every business owner should answer in both promotional materials and pitches.

What’s Your Problem (To Solve)?

Too often business owners focus on showcasing how great their product or service is instead of putting themselves in the shoes of their potential clients- this is an amateur mistake.  When addressing your target audience, think about all of the challenges and concerns they have (not just the one you are directly addressing) and share how you are able to support them, why they need this support and how choosing your product or service will help to alleviate a number of other issues.

Why You?

The unique value proposition is really just sharing what makes your product or service more effective than anything else out there. Notice that I did not say “different”. Being “unique” in this capacity means offering more value, not just having more bells and whistles. When you’re looking to sell successfully, you need to showcase the ways you have tweaked your product or service to create an efficient and effective solution to a problem that urgently needs to be fixed.

What Is Your Experience?

I am not just talking about work experience, but also the experience of working with your company. How do you greet your customers? How organised is your company? How well do you get to know each client and how to do you stand out in terms of customer service? Paying attention to detail, personal touches and good, old-fashioned attention and kindness can go a long way in terms of conversion.



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