This Crispy Chicken Stew Is The Best Sunday Roast Alternative.

While we love sunshine, sand and sea as much as anyone else, there is something quite comforting about the changes autumn brings. Chilly, wet days beg for big, bold glasses of red, cozy throws and hearty meals that are easy enough to make that we don’t lose time curling up by the fire. There is no denying the star quality of a beautiful Sunday roast, but bringing one into fruition can be an all-day affair. If you’re looking for something that’s equally satisfying (but much less time-consuming), you’re in luck. We have uncovered this standout crispy chicken stew recipe from The Bare Bones Broth Cookbook, Kate and Ryan Harvey’s wonderful collection of amazing recipes. The authors suggest you leave the skin on so that they crisp to a garlicky perfection. Scroll down for the recipe!

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