The Eve Lom Time Retreat Collection is The Game-Changer You’ve Been Waiting For

Eve Lom has long been celebrated for her thoughtful skincare products which consist of a careful blend of essential oils and naturally-derived ingredients. Free from harmful additives, synthetic fragrance, and dyes since launching over 30 years ago, the brand has developed a devoted customer base thanks to its dedication to providing high-quality ingredients that gently cleanse the skin, promote cell renewal and enhance radiance. Think uncomplicated, luxurious and effective.

A fan of the cream cleanser, I was eager to try the Time Retreat Collection which uses retinol in combination with several other highly-potent ingredients to address common skin concerns including pigmentation, fine lines, skin laxity, wrinkles, and even acne.

When the Eve Lom PR firm offered samples of  Time Retreat Face Treatment and the Time Retreat Eye Treatment to try and review at my own discretion, I was thrilled.

Let’s talk about the Time Retreat Face Treatment first. A retinol-based product with loads of concentrated ingredients like Niacinamide (great for brightening), Allantoin (a redness-reducing anti-inflammatory), Micro Algae (excellent for cell turnover), and Vitamin E (perfect for hydration), it’s one of those incredible product finds that leads to lifetime brand loyalty.

The first thing I noticed about the serum was its consistency. The first few pumps come out fast and are a bit runny (think a little bit of lotion mixed with water). It feels and smells like a luxurious little treat. The scent is citrusy and fresh and was so intoxicatingly delicious that I found myself just taking a moment to smell it and breath in and out a few times. A product with a mindful bonus? Love it.

Though it didn’t feel as hydrating as the eye cream (see below), my skin did tighten up and get glowing upon the first application. The luminosity was noticeable enough that I didn’t want to use foundation (which is saying something as I love a full face of makeup). When I did eventually pull out my foundation sponge, there was an illuminating effect to my foundation that I have not seen since Stila discontinued this classic without warning (Read: Still bitter).

While I enjoyed the instant gratification offered by the product, what I really appreciated was how my skin improved over the following two weeks. After learning the hard way not to use this product on my micro-needling days (I know, I know), I used a pump every morning and evening and saw a dramatic change in the tone and texture of my skin by day 12. There were a couple of days when it felt a little rough around the temples (I am sensitive to retinal) but overall, it felt and looked smooth, plumped and fresh. When friends began noticing my skin on grey-toned Zoom sessions, I knew I had found a winner.

The verdict: More than a pretty package, this is a product that packs a punch and delivers. If you are someone who can handle retinol and use it correctly (sparingly, consistently, on clean skin, not in combination with other retinol products, and with an SPF of 40 or higher) you should look fresh and dewy in two weeks. That said, I would never suggest anyone start a new skincare routine without first being seen by a dermatologist or before a big event. Don’t go slathering anything new on your face two weeks before your wedding, for example.

Now let’s move onto the Time Release Eye Treatment. Also a retinol-based formula, it’s much thicker and focuses more on hydration (it includes Squalane, a hydrogenated version of squalene, a compound produced naturally in our skin) and brightening (Vitamin C).

Unlike the face treatment, it took a little time for the product to come out of the pump (about 20 pumps in total for me), but once it did, it worked fine. The product was creamy, but not heavy, and seemed to penetrate the skin almost immediately. There was a quick cooling effect and my thirsty eyes felt super hydrated. I couldn’t tell if the fine lines looked smoother but the skin around my eyes definitely plumped up.

The smell was delicious (seriously, I want Eve Lom to make a candle), and I began to look forward to putting it on. As a new mama with a need for a little extra caffeine these days, I enjoyed the “wake up” zing it gave me each morning. By day seven, my eyes were looking brighter and there was a small difference in the depth of my under eye lines which was amplified by the plumping effect given by the cream. By day fourteen, I was convinced it had tightened the skin on top of my eye, which I am thrilled about.

The Verdict: I really enjoy using this product, and like the face treatment, I felt it did what it promised to do. A little goes a long way (two pumps were plenty for both eyes, top, and bottom) which makes it less pricy than it seems initially.

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