Effective Ways To Boost Business With Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual community looking for remarkable images. When pinning, it’s essential to create curated boards that showcase your most vibrant, beautiful, and/or interesting images or those you love that taken by others. Here are eight things to keep in mind when looking to boost your business.

1 | Remember that you’re branding yourself with your pins. 

Your boards are a great way to show off your eye, your edge, and your understanding of your business and followers. Create boards that tell a story, maintain a theme, and are visually stimulating and/or inspiring.

2 | Bring it all together. 

Pick the image that best represents the board and brand (and the most gorgeous) for the main spot. Your boards should look cohesive on your page.

3 | Show off an individual style.

We all have Pinners that we love, but simply repinning everything on someone else’s board is lazy and uninspired (and not very respectful). If you’re doing this as a brand owner and someone reaches out based on your “eye” you’re going to find yourself in a strange place because you have not developed your own vision.

4 | Make sure to properly edit your images. 

All of the images that live on your website should have a link to the image in your pin (look at the pencil icon on the pin to open editing capabilities). This is how you will drive traffic to your own webpage. That said, placing links in random images is unethical. Not only will it frustrate Pinners, it will harm your reputation.

5 | Use keywords to your advantage.

Many people know to use keywords in their descriptions, but forget to use them in titles. Not only will this make for a better user experience, Pinterest is more likely to recommend your boards.

6 | Think visually.

You want to fill the space in your pins. Tall, vertical images tend to serve Pinners well because they showcase images better. Additionally, make sure photos are clear and take note of what images of yours are getting the most repins.

7 | Think of Pinterest when uploading images onto your website. 

You want to not only have a “pin it” button on or next to all of your images, but also have visuals that visitors will find worthy of saving to their boards.

8 | Finally, have fun!

Yes, you’re looking to boost your brand, but approach Pinterest as “strictly business” and you’re missing the point.

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