42 Universal Life Truths Happy People Live By

Two black female friends laughing on the Loolabee by Brenda Della Casa

Whether it’s saying no without guilt or teaching people how to treat us, there are some lessons we often to learn the hard way that tend to offer an almost immediate life upgrade. Today, we are sharing 42 of them.

1. The end of a relationship does not always have to be someone’s fault or a rejection of you. Sometimes, it’s just the end of something that wasn’t right for you. Actually, it’s always that.

2. No one has it all, but some people do make the best of what they have and take very good care of it. Those people tend to enjoy their lives more.

3. The difference between being seen as crazy in love and just flat-out crazy is often one person letting go. Clinging to a cold hand will not warm anyone’s heart and it’s important to find ways to to lick your wounds and find closure without demeaning yourself.

4. Your habits today can directly prevent or cause heartache or a heart attack tomorrow.

5. Intense passion usually doesn’t last. High heat tends to burn brightly and leave ash behind.

6. Smart is sexy, and anyone worth having sex with will be wildly turned on by your mind.

7. A few childlike traits can be charming, but immature is a huge turn-off.

8. Trying to ‘win’ people over is a waste of time. You’re not on this earth to campaign for approval.

9. If it’s not right for you, let it go — whatever it is. Do it as quickly as possible, every single time.

10. Being nice is not the same as not having boundaries.

11. A jealous friend is more dangerous than a blatant enemy.

12. Accountability is one of the best gifts you can give to another — and yourself.

13. Time is valuable, so spend yours wisely. This is true even when sitting alone in the space of your own mind.

14. Those who really care about you will support you when you need it and refuse to when you don’t.

15. The best way to motivate yourself is to say, “how would my best self handle this” and do that.

16. Just because they say it about you doesn’t make it true.

17. Confidence isn’t something you’re born with, it’s something you work to build every day.

18. Too often, we spend time fearing the unknown and convincing ourselves that what we know is always better than what we don’t. In reality, life doesn’t work against you like that.

19. Some people are simply not worth engaging.

20. You’re not perfect. You don’t have to be. No one else is perfect either.

21. Being victimized is an unfortunate part of life. Being a victim leads to an unfortunate life.

22. We all have sh^%. Getting yours together is key.

23. Texting someone is not making an effort, and it’s not how you build relationships.

24. People lie. Especially to themselves.

25. Focusing on living a life that inspires respect from others is far more fulfilling than campaigning for likes.

26. “Yeah, so what’s your point?” is a great way to silence critics, especially the ones in your head.

27. Pay attention to your audience and deliver your message accordingly.

28. We are in this world together, but our lives are travelled on our own. This means you are the only person in this entire world with all of the information surrounding your life.

29. A partner should add to a partnership. If not, it is better to keep everyone else’s names off of the operating agreement.

30. If you wouldn’t like it said or done to you, don’t do it to someone else. Simple.

31. Friendships should be friendly. If you’re stressed out every time you spend time with someone, you’re not doing it right.

32. Everyone wishes something was different.

33. Sometimes success is just getting out of bed and do what you need to do to survive the day.

34. Handing over your power and waiting for someone to give you permission to be who you are/follow your dreams/move in a new direction is one of the most tragic ways to ruin your life.

35. Details matter.

36. You can’t go back and do things differently, but you can do things differently.

37. Knowing the difference between fear and intuition is a life skill we all need to acquire.

38. You can’t wish someone into being a different person.

39. When someone asks you to show up and celebrate a milestone, it is a gift and an honor. This is a moment they will cherish all of their life so show up in every way.

40. If a new love interest asks you for thousands of pounds, a credit card, your bank details or to put something in their name, they are not in love with you.

41. Everything you need to know about someone can be found out by observing them.

42. The fresh start you have been waiting for has just arrived.

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