Here’s How to Make a Perfect Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte At Home

Starbucks’s famed pumpkin spice latte is back for its 19th year which has PSL fans giddy with sweater weather excitement and the rest of us wondering how anyone can choose this super-sweet concoction over a bold cappuccino or a warm apple cider. Alas, I know the I am in the minority and there are a lot of you who consider this a season staple right alongside cozy knitted blankets and warm, apple-cinnamon doughnuts.

It is with you in mind that I share this little gem. YouTube sensation and former Barista, Patrick Meyer, has the exact recipe Starbucks uses and is showing us all how to make the drinks at home. Not really into the PSL brew-haha (I know, sorry, I had to)? Take a look at the many other videos on his channel which include recipes for Frappaccinos and McDonald’s french fries.

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