Madonna’s Daughter Lola Has Released New Music Under The Name Lolahol

It’s the moment Madonna fans have been waiting for, the Queen of Pop’s eldest daughter, Lourdes “Lola” Leon has released a new single, Lock&Key under the name Lolahol (a nod to mom’s old friend, Andy, no doubt).

Though the sometime model told Billboard Magazine that she didn’t have a specific career goal in mind and announced, “I can sing, but I just don’t care about it” just last year, it seems she’s leaning more into music than modelling these days and mom couldn’t be happier. The singer posted a note to her firstborn in her instagram stories that read, ““I am so proud of you Lola!”

Produced by Chemical X Records with a video directed by Eartheatre, the song is a mix of 90’s D&B with breezy hypnotech vibes and club-pop potential. The result? Lola’s gaining some fans who feel she’s holding her own. YouTube user, Jengo Mango was pleasantly surprised saying, “I was expecting a total disaster, but turns out this is something i would totally listen to. As someone who was around during the heyday of drum ‘n’ bass, I approve [of] this” while user FrenchFries was even more enthusiastic, “I’m a huge Madonna fan and I am obsessed with this song it’s definitely 90s inspired which I love! She’s experimenting her own beats and style! I love this ! Keep making music Lourdes!!!!”

What do you think of Lolahol’s musical debut?

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